Who moved my cheese – book Review
Who Moved My Cheese, review

A simple, short and humorous book about change,adaptability and success. I personally believe that the book is written for people for all ages, people in all depart(I think) and people with various behaviors (in terms of adaptability). There are four characters: Hem, Haw, Scurry and Sniff. Wonderful sayings you can pick up from this book and other personalized emotions about the book.

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A very negative, egocentric person. Often at times he is tentative, struggling with adapting with changes and finds himself being the weakest link amongst mentioned characters. 

Every action movie has its own main character/staring. Haw is a "little-human" who show altruistic and affable traits. Not many people are this guy as he dwells more on the optimistic side of things.

Ever heard about action man with super powers? Meet Scurry, a mice with motion filled abilities, flexible and very open minded.

Like the name suggest, The brainy one smells the cheese from afar and Scurry would run  along with him. Partnered with Scurry they are true example of resistant, optimistic and confident creations.

Quotes I loved from the book:

"The fastest ways to change is to laugh at your own folly"

"A change imposed ins a change opposed"

"an Organization  can only change when enough people in it change"

        Having cheese make you happy.
What would you do if you were'nt afraid?
        Smell the cheese often, so you know when the cheese  is getting old.
Movement in a new direction help you find new cheese. 
        When you stop being afraid, you feel good!
Imagine yourself enjoying new cheese that leads you to it!.
        The quicker you let go of old cheese the sooner you find new cheese.
Old beliefs do not lead you to new cheese.
        When you see that you can find new cheese, you can change course.
Noticing small changes early helps you adapt to the bigger changes that are to come.

- Who moved My Cheese - Wall Sayings

What have I learnt from the book?


Haw and mice returns to the maze despite having no cheese. Nothing is as beautiful as a mind that keeps going. Another lesson is that ...

They don't give up.

Actions speak louder than words

As much as Hem complained about the changes, Haw managed to take action and  went to look for another cheese. The courage to take action is vital.

"think therefore you are"

The more clearly Haw saw the image of himself enjoying new cheese, the more realistic it was. You are what you think, the story of Hem, Haw tell us the thoughts become alive .

"Burn the bridge & expect boat"

Haw and Hem throws away the shoes when they get cheese. Often at times we throw away the materials used in bringing the cheese. 

Story of friendship

Despite the fact that Hem would hesitate in his ways. Haw wants Hem to change his ways so he can see the change. He hopes that one day he can see wall paintings and follow him.

Peer pressure

Haw wants to change his own ways of doing  things but his friend pessimistic powers pulls him off. He is forced to not take action.

Short Summary in video

That's all folks, I had a great time reading the book, as it opened some new possibilities.

Have your say. Do you think you are Hem, Haw, Scurry or Sniff?

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